Healthcare Professionals Payments Transparency

PregLem S.A. is committed to support Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations to ultimately improve patient outcomes. With this purpose, we provide doctors with access to specialized training, scientific events and educational activities. In return for their support in putting together, actively participating and attending these activities we offer compensation for the time, scientific knowledge and efforts dedicated to collaborating with us.

Compliance with regulations and transparency in these types of relationships are of great importance to us. We believe that trust in the industry, by government officials, Healthcare Professionals and patients is built through high ethical standards and a deep understanding of this collaboration.



At PregLem, we disclose payments to HCPs (Healthcare Professionals), HCOs (Healthcare Organisations) and other transfers of value in line with the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) Disclosure Code.

The EFPIA Disclosure Code 2016 Self Certification Letter signed by Ksenija Pavletic, Chief Executive Officer PregLem S.A., confirms the application of its principles.

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