Partnership is an important part of a fast developing specialty biopharmaceutical company. Over the years, PregLem’s clinical portfolio has been built around multiple collaborations demonstrating PregLem’s ability to manage close collaborations with integrity, transparency and commitment.
At PregLem, our growth strategy relies on the acquisition of new therapeutic concepts for application in Reproductive Medicine, particularly in the following indications:

We are interested in new applications for existing drugs and new molecular entities that can address unmet needs for our patients. Our focus will be on pre-clinical and clinical projects where proof of concept has been firmly established, at least in-vitro and preferably in validated in-vivo models.
PregLem’s review process has been designed to provide a rapid evaluation of potential opportunities thanks to the early involvement of our top management. Our evaluation analysis relies on scientific criteria and business potential estimation.
Should you be an academic research unit or a pharmaceutical company seeking a strong and committed partner for the development and the commercialization of a potential product, please do not hesitate to submit your project description by filling the form below.
We strongly believe that confidentiality is critical for innovation and protection of intellectual property. Please therefore, do not publicize your concept before talking to us. Following evaluation of the non-confidential information you may provide, we will make sure to establish a confidentiality agreement to protect your rights on the concept.